Boilie Clay

The offer of MCKarp are the basic clay boilie:

Clay Bait RiverClay bait binding (black) Bonding ClayLENS Clay
Clay Bait RiverBait clay binding brown and blackClay Bait Lens

Why do fishermen use lands and clays at all?

The task of clay or the earth is certainly not an increase of the taste of bait, nor the direct increased appetite preying fish. We use it for the following purpose:

  • Bait-in the deep waters of standing, wolnopłynących and especially current, the groundbait food itself is too light, so that the DNA can reach outside of our fishery, on the rivers is also very quickly moved with the current Water. The addition of suitably selected clay and its quantity causes the bait to be relieved, as a result of which positioned is exactly where the bait is to be given.
  • Increase cohesive bait-often groundbait has weak properties binding by what balls formed from it do not reach the whole DNA and even to the point of feeding. In the current waters, too little ista groundbait is rapidly away which is also very undesirable. The application of the correspondingly allows clay to increase the properties of binding bait, which avoid the above mentioned situations. In addition, Dociążona and tied clay groundbait slowly blurs on the bottom of systematically releasing their ingredients.
  • Impoverishment bait-I think everyone happeneded that for an hour catching a fish for a fish, then less and fewer to not fish in the third hour nothing. The reason could be too treściwa groundbait, which quickly infuseds feeding fish, this is important especially in days when they feed less and they are fed. The use of clay for bait reduces its nutritional value. The fewer fish in the fishery, the less feed (cold season, the adverse weather conditions), the proportion of clay to the bait changes in favor of the first.
  • Changes to bait properties-in addition to the above, clay and earth can meet other tasks, very specific. The addition of a small amount of black earth significantly darkens the groundbait. Sypka, fluffy clay accelerates the blurring of zanętowych balls. By contrast, the use of clay with binding properties weakens and slows down the work of bait. The soil saturated with minerals causes formation in Toni and at the bottom of an intense streak, which in many fisheries stimulates fish to foraging.
  • Clays and lands in modern competitive fishing are the primary carrier of vermin Zanętowego, especially Jokersa and bloodworm. Giving them in pure zanęcie is not beneficial, because it is very quickly killed in it. This increases the salt often found in finished fishing Zanętach. Clay provides a much more natural environment for bloodworm, so it remains in good shape for a long time, and is more attractive to fish. In many fisheries, under certain conditions fish are reluctant to take groundbait, even ill react to it. The application of Jokersa in pure clay or earth is often the best and the only solution.