Fishing bait Lin, Karaś

Fishing bait Lin, KaraśFishing bait Lin, Karaś

Baits for Rope, Baits on Karasia available in packs of 1 and 3 kilograms

Raw material composition: cereal grains, bakery products, confectionery, fragrances and flavors.

Lin Product Details, Karaś

Thanks to the special fragrance-flavor composition and careful dissuasive ment of the components, MCKarp baits are extremely effective. They are recommended for both amateur and players. The baits can be mixed together in any proportion in order to ideally adapt them to the depth of the fishery, the water current, the color of the bottom and the species of fish present. For a better effect in deeper waters or waters with a strong tow, glue or bait clay should be added.