Tests of boilies and Dumbellsów. Results below
Sturgeon on Dumbellsa production MCkarp
Sturgeon on Dumbells

Carp for protein balls MCkarp production

Carp on the ballCarp on the protein ballDumbells carp and protein balls

Protein balls and Dumbellsy-available since 2018

MCKarp Protein BallsDumbells Production

17.09.2017 Żdżary-Competition for the MCKARP Cup

Competition for the competition of the company Aqua Star competition at Lake Psinko Grabówko/Pomorskie


Competition for the Aqua Star Cup


Fishing Competition 06.07.2017 Thong

Fishing Competition 06.07.2017 Thong

The leather held the Wękarskie competition. M. Salamagi, incl. Kotasza and St. Grzesiaka, the main sponsor of the former Fa. MCKARP

28.05.2017 Cup MCKARP

28.05.2017 Cup MCKARP

See the video relations with the MCKARP Cup


News MCKARP for the year 2017

MCKARP-Rybomania 2017-Booth and products

MCKARP-Rybomania 2017

Test baits and baits on the fishery. MCKARP's owner personally tests his produky
Baits and Bait Test