Dumbells-Enlarged MCKARP offer for 2018.

DumbellsDescription of the Dumbellsów tester:
Dumbellsy in Roymiarze 8mm, these are top-shelf products manufactured from specially selected ingredients which allow for excellent work on any fishery.
While testing these products, I found out how important quality is!
I definitely liked the sweet fragrances that are on offer. This is m.in. Pineapple, strawberry, mulberry, chocolate, tutti fruti.

I would like to add that chocolate is produced from the natural chocolate aroma.
Surely the biggest killer turned out to be dumbbelsy bream, Lin, Karaś, which did a great job during the tests.
As for the aromas of "Śmierdziuchów" it is sure that each of you will find something for everyone.
The aromatic notes which are in this category include M.in halibut, Ochotka, krill, fish.
The offer also Dumbellsy Flou.

MCKARP company also has plans to release a series of Dumbelsow pop ups.
I think that each of us who depends on great results over the water should equip itself with lures from the top-shelf.
I would also like to add that in the care of us anglers, the company also took care of the freshness of products during the season. The point is that each package is sealed with a special film that will keep our lures in freshness throughout the season.
Packaging in which we can meet Dumbbelsy is: 30g and 70g.
Anyone who tries this series of baits will surely be very pleased with the effects on which our fishermen most depends.